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Software Design For Six Sigma (Soft DFSS)

IT quality engineering, quality improvement methods are constantly getting more attentions from world corporate leaders, all levels of management, design engineers and academia. This trend can be easily seen by the wide spread of 'Six-Sigma' initiatives in many Fortune IT 500 companies. For Six Sigma initiative in IT, software design activity is the most important to achieve significant quality and reliability results. Because design activities carries big portion of software development impact, quality improvements done in design stages will often bring most impressive results. Patching up quality problems in post-design phases is usually inefficient and very costly.

Software Design For Six Sigma (Soft DFSS) is a very vital to software design activities that decide quality, cost, cycle time of the software and can be greatly improved if the right strategy and methodologies are used.

Drawing on SSPI unsurpassed experience leading DFSS and Six Sigma in deployment in Fortune 100 companies, Soft DFSS cover the entire software DFSS project lifecycle, from business case through scheduling, customer-driven requirements gathering through execution. In this product, we provide real-world experience for applying DFSS techniques to software alone, hardware alone, and systems composed of both. Software developers will find proven job aids and specific guidance about what teams and team members need to do at every stage. Using this Soft DFSS integrated, systems approach, marketers, and software professionals can converge all their efforts on what really matters: addressing the customer's true needs.

Wither it is project or program consulting, large scale deployment or training, our objectives are to:

  • Provide in-depth and clear coverage of philosophical, organizational, and technical aspects of Software Design For Six Sigma (DFSS).
  • Illustrate very clearly the entire software DFSS deployment and execution processes, the DFSS roadmap.
  • Present the know-how of all the key methods used in software DFSS, body of knowledge discussing the theory and background of each methods clearly.
  • Assist in developing the readers practical skills in applying DFSS in software development and to understand how to choose the right DFSS tools, using the authors' step-by-step software DFSS roadmap
  • Ensure that the entire development team shares a solid understanding of customer needs and DFSS execution.
  • Learn how to define measurable critical parameters that reflect customer requirements and thoroughly assess business case risk and opportunity in the context of DFSS roadmap.
  • Oprioritize development decisions and scheduling in the face of resource constraints while flow critical parameters down to quantifiable, verifiable requirements for every sub-process, subsystem, and component

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