Six Sigma Professionals
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Leading the Future in Product Development

Complementing Our Clients' Product Development Processes

We have analyzed many product development processes looking for common elements and to understand the range of uniqueness from company to company. We have investigated product development processes for automotive, heavy equipment, software, business systems, electronics, and defense industries.

Our implementation of the DFSS process is integrated intro the product development environment of our clients. In some cases change of our clients product development process is recommended. We advocate retention of the client product development approach to the degree that there is consistency with the DFSS principles and fundamental tools.

The benefit of the complimentary integration of the DFSS process to our clients product development process is that we integrate in a way that serves the purpose to provide both the 'how and why' (the DFSS process) and the 'what and when' (clients product development system). The DFSS process contributes the product development principles (the why) and the product development tools (the how) while the client process contributes the logistics structure (the what) and phase review discipline (the when). This approach in many cases limits the revision to the product development process to the implementation of the methods and tools while providing a solid principles foundation.

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