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We wanted to bring you up to date on few experiences we’ve had at Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSPI) recently. We’re working with global companies that are expanding their Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), Design For Lean Six Sigma (DFSS), Computer-Aided DFSS, Product Development Process Design and Manufacturing Process Design programs and initiatives to include our processes and approaches in their product and product development processes and development operations. We’re also working with organizations that use Process Re-engineering and Transactional (service) DFSS to help with their strategic initiative rollout. We’re working with our client base executive teams to structure their enterprise wide initiative deployment.

At SSPI, we actively solicit customers through a rigorous Voice of the Customer (VOC) process. We will work with our customers on customized training programs, project-based consulting methodologies, and wide portfolio product offerings in initiative deployment and training to meet their demand. We offer flexible schedule, in-house and custom project workshops options. We are committed to the passion and rigor necessary to be the best in Lean Six Sigma, Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS) and Management Consulting to meet our client business needs.

We provide a pool of talent that can be quickly mobilized as required and give our clients access to the experience and methodologies of the whole consultancy team rather than an individual. We introduce new experiences and techniques which may, eventually, permeate through the client company as a whole.

If you need help in building and maintaining your relationship with your customers, keeping Lean, Six Sigma and DFSS deployment fresh, solving problems, designing new Six Sigma level performing product; process or service, getting to market faster or entering new markets, SSPI is here to your success.

Contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.

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