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TRIZ: Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

We at Six Sigma Professionals are practitioners of TRIZ as a method to generate breakthrough technology. We have successfully integrated TRIZ with Axiomatic Design and Pugh Concept Selection. The application of TRIZ to engineering contradictions identified by the use of Axiomatic Design sets the stage for the selection of the optimum conceptual solution. Pugh Concept selection is the preferred method of selecting this best conceptual choice.

Without the application of TRIZ, development teams are left to develop new concepts which are limited by the engineering experience of the prevailing knowledge of the team. The power of TRIZ is it's ability to identify new concept alternatives that provide breakthrough level performance through innovation (invention). This makes it possible to breakthrough the limiting 'psychological inertia' of the design team.

The innovative component is of significant importance since true innovation leads to concepts which are inherently robust and provide a great potential for new product and service patents. The application of TRIZ maximizes the additivity (the opposite of conflicts and functional coupling) of the design and simplifies further optimization.

The implementation of TRIZ is facilitated through the use of standard TRIZ tools organized into a systematic methodology.

The TRIZ Implementation Roadmap

  • Identify the conflict
  • Formulate the IDF (Ideal Final Result)
  • Model the system functional elements and symptoms
  • Standardize and TRIM (simplify) the system
  • Generate innovative solution(s) based upon the and the 'Invention' and 'Separation' Principles
  • Evaluate and synthesize best conceptual solution

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