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Problem Solving /8D

Problems are the very elements of success of a business. If problems no longer existed, there would be no need for the business in the first place, because businesses by their very nature are created to solve problems. Great leaders view problems as possibilities waiting to be created. They know that their success will come from understanding their decisions, evaluating all possible options, understanding the consequences behind their options and only then do they decide on a plan of action.

Problem solving is the very elements of success of a business. At SSPI, we see problems as opportunities, a way of solving a complex business issue to help bring the business one step closer to achieving it's vision. For them there is little firefighting because they have created a solution that far outlives the immediate problem.

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. is uniquely capable of deploying the Problem Solving methodology to your projects across your organizations. We partner with our clients to ensure the ultimate success of implementing this powerful approach to their toughest problems.

Customized training schedules can be developed on a case by case basis with clients. Here are some options:

  • Problem Solving Using 8D
  • Project-based Problem Solving Workshops
  • Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)
  • Axiomatic Design

To know more, contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.