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Customer Leadership: Listening to the Voice of Customer (VOC)

in order to excel in customer leadership and beat the competition, you have to learn how to listen to the Voice of Customer (VOC). Listening to VOC is a process that drive growth across your company that should be synchronized with other programs and initiatives to expand your business strategy to focus beyond cost management. Ensuring your business has the trust and loyalty of existing customers, the Customer Leadership program creates a roadmap for growth.

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSPI) is uniquely capable of deploying Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) process fully, across large and small organizations. To do so, we train your marketing, sales and product development employees at every level of your company. We create a system of accountability. We partner with our clients to ensure the ultimate success of implementing this powerful process.

Customized training schedules can be developed on a case by case basis with clients. Here are some options:

  • Listening to VOC Process Training
  • Kano Analysis
  • Listening to VOC Workshop
  • Quality Function Deployment

To know more, contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.