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Fully Integrated Methods and Tools

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. have carefully integrated proven preventative tools & methodologies to create a synergy of activities that achieve Six Sigma performance results. The primary tools within the DFSS process include QFD, Axiomatic Design, TRIZ, Pugh Concept Selection, Robust Design, and Design Scorecard. Many other tools are also integrated to facilitate specific design outcomes and to satisfy unique client requirements.

This approach is repeated for both DFSS and Six Sigma (DMAIC) processes with common tools shared between each of these processes. An example of a common tool is the use of FMEA (Design & Process). When FMEA is used in the context of DFSS it provides a anticipatory assessment of key functional failure modes and an initial source of controllable Design Parameters and Noise Factors. When the same tool is used within the DMAIC process, it provides a source of prioritized causal factors that can be further analyzed through hypothesis testing or designed experiments (DOEs).

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