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MBB Consulting & Deployment Services

Project & Program Consulting

Consulting services are available to provide on-site support of goal alignment, mentoring and coaching of Deployment or Project Champions, project selection, project execution, development of metrics and reporting systems, or other six sigma or executive related topics.

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. realizes that even though our approach has been thoroughly thought out, occasional bumps in the road of transitional change will occur. It is how these bumps are competently and quickly addressed that signifies a professional deployment. For this reason, Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. has created the capability for clients to draw upon a staff of consultants knowledgeable in Policy Deployment, DFSS, and change management. Our consultants bring multiple years of "having done it" experience, including, the integration of the various modules Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. offers.

As with our other offerings, these consultants use a mentoring and knowledge transfer approach with Executives, Champions, Master Black Belts and trainers. These services can be structured into the deployment plan on a scheduled basis or called upon as needed during the particular deployment.

Process Deployment

Over the many years, SSP personal have developed working with several deployments in Ford Motor Company, Textron Inc., GM, US Army and others to refine and optimize a deployment model and is now setting the standard for the industry. SSPI's deployment model continually evolves and currently incorporates the best practices in areas such as executive leadership and commitment, candidate selection, accountability, recognition and rewards, project scoping, curriculum design, training delivery, change management, communications, cultural transformation and several other too numerous to list. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive library of guidance tools, templates, and manuals that discuss and make practical recommendations for issues commonly encountered during a deployment.

Our basic approach, which is elegant in its simplicity,:

  • Ensures that clients see quick and sustainable returns on their investment
  • Provides a comprehensive and customizable deployment model, that incorporates the lessons learned during our past deployments.
  • Secures commitment and resources from senior executives;
  • Engages management in identifying where to focus efforts and resources;
  • Trains the best and brightest and empower them to have a profound effect on the organization
  • Integrates a change management and deployment process that leverages and capitalizes on existing organizational strengths and business practices.
  • SSP is prepared to aggressively deploy the DFSS curriculum with you over the life of the contract. Ultimately, the speed with which deployment can be achieved is in your hands. SSP has the materials, resources, and capability to exceed your anticipated deployment needs.

To know more, contact us or (734) 765-5229.