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Leading the Future in Product Development


Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSPI) is a business and technology development company specializes in helping leadership and management address the challenges of delivering innovative products, processes and services.

SSPI was founded by Dr. Basem El-Haik in 2002 and incorporated in 2005. Dr. Haik holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University and a Doctorate of Engineering in Manufacturing from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Dr. Haik is a well know figure in the DFSS (Axiomatic Design, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Computer-Aided Reliability (CAR), Computer-Aided Robust Design (CARD), Computer-Aided DFSS, Software DFS, Lean Six Sigma, Design For Lean Six Sigma, TRIZ, Customer Leadership Processes, Product Development Process Design, Robust Design, QFD, etc.) domain and a speaker on the subject in many technical conferences. Through his career Dr. Haik trained, certified, coached and mentored hundreds of belts (Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts) in DFLSS and Lean Six Sigma in both tracks: product and service (transactional). Other SSPI consultants are well known for their contribution to the industry and most have over 20 years of experience.

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. specializes in synergistic combination of strategic planning and technical leadership in continuous process improvement so clients supersede their objectives. Our approach is a planned use of deployment strategy and leadership engagement. Our Hoshin planning (policy deployment) enables clients to align their leadership, management and technical initiatives program with the mission, breakthrough and annual objectives of the their organization. This is a unique differentiator of Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSP) pre-emptive technologies focus on the effectiveness of the earliest phases of the product, service or process development processes. We provide consulting, mentoring, training and full deployment expertise for all aspects of Design for lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Computer-Aided Quality and Reliability, and Lean manufacturing.

We apply the following core principles in our client engagements:

  • Working with the Client's Leadership Team: Throughout our engagement we partner with our client's leadership team to design deployment, capitalize on support, insure continuity and reach customizable and optimum deployable solutions using Hoshin planning policy deployment. By partnering with management, we work on issues that are important at the strategic levels of the company and we can propose high value added integrated solutions. We have the 'know-how' expertise to design and manage a full deployment throughout your company.
  • We provide our best expertise in the industry with dynamic client relationships and skillful practitioners. We have developed our products and services with the knowledge of what CEOs need with a SSPI management that participated in and led several Fortune 500 companies Six Sigma and DFSS deployments. Our goal is to make your business better than before with results that are felt by customers irrespective of deployment strategy. We demystify improvement opportunities at the first client engagement meeting.

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To learn more, contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.