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Manufacturing Process Design

This SSPI product presents the concepts of process design and devlopment, problem identification, problem solving, and process optimization in an easy-to-understand manner; providing the basic tools needed to increase the consistency and profitability of manufacturing operations. The totality of the design & manufacturing process is defined by implementation, and differs in detail within every manufacturing company. In conceptual design, aka preliminary design or functional design, this stage deals not only with aesthetic issues such as styling, but with practical issues such as simulation and design for manufacturability and assembly within a lean production environment.

Paper and pencil, brush and oils, and sculptor's clay used to be the conceptual designer's tools in the automotive industry. Today, modern CAD/CAM systems provide him more and more powerful tools which free him from the necessity to create physical models.

It is here that SSPI have seen an opportunity to provide manufacturing and facility design engineers an entirely new way to approach the design engineering process; offering techniques which lie far beyond traditional methods and allow engineers much greater freedom to exercise their creativity.

Animation and simulation output is becoming an essential capability for conceptual design; it allows management to view the design as it would be manufactured, and also allows engineers to try different variations of the design without the accompanying investment in cost and time that normal prototyping techniques traditionally require.

Included within this SSPI product are:

  • Facilities & Layout Studies
  • Operations Scheduling Studies
  • Group Technology Studies
  • Process Modeling Studies
  • Process Planning Studies
  • Selection of Manufacturing Equipment Studies
  • Production Preparation Process (3P) Studies
  • Process Simulation Studies
  • Design for X (DfX) Deployemnt
  • Lean Manufacturing Deployemnt
  • Multi-objective Optimization Studies
  • Robust Design for Manufacturing
  • Axiomatic Design Mapping Studies

These components can be deployed altogether or individually to fit your organization needs. Our consultants will work with you to customize a service program that exceed your expectations.

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