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Process Simulation

With process simulation we deliver more consistent and efficient process improvement and project execution. Process simulation navigates users (with tactical Roadmaps, linked on demand analysis tools, and contextual training) in the same environment where actual project-work is done. Executives get real-time knowledge of where each initiative is, and often describe process simulation as the Global Positioning System for process and project portfolio management.

As a leading provider of process re-engineering, we deliver standards, consistency, and productivity for companywide process management, project execution and governance.

SSPI Process Simulation Consulting & Deployment Offerings: SSPI consultants work on wide spectrum of design projects to

  • improve operational performance and governance with best practices.
  • pedigree in your Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma deployments
  • simulate Lean benchmarking and value stream mapping in one tool.
  • Turn compliance into a competitive advantage (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
  • Customized training schedules can be developed on a case by case basis with clients. Here are some options:
  • Introduction to Process Simulation
  • Six Sigma (DFSS) with Process Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping with Simulation
  • Process Modeling with Simulation
  • Project Simulation Workshop

To know more, contact us or (734) 765-5229.