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Technology & Product Development Process (T&PDP) Design

To deliver a high quality performing products, we need a system of methods and activities that can provide the overarching structure to successfully plan and develop the technology and product where technologies will be utilized. Such a system is called a Technology & Product Development Process (T&PDP). T&PDP includes all the planned and systematic activities performed within the system that can demonstrate with confidence that the product designed will fulfill the requirements for quality, cost, performance, etc. The figure below depicts a graphical flow of a typical product development life cycle that encompasses the product lifecycle from Ideation through to Phase Out/Retirement.

Technology & Product Development Process (T&PDP) are an interrelated set of practices and procedures that are incorporated into the product design and development activities, a system of checks and balances. The objective is to induce systematic approach that exhibits deficiencies in design input requirements, and discrepancies between the proposed designs and requirements, are made evident and corrected earlier in the design and development process. T&PDP is usually designed as a series of phases separated by gates. It describes what is needed. It stops short of defining the how-to, a gap that is nicely filled by SSPI of products and services. T&PDP together with Six Sigma design principles, tools and methods (collectively known as Design for Six Sigma or DFSS) is your insurance policy that the design transferred to production will translate into a product that exceeds user expectations while satisfying company requirements. Our T&PDP design approach will provides managers and designers with improved visibility of the design process decision making. With improved visibility, managers are empowered to more effectively direct the design process--that is, to prevent problems earlier, and if necessary make educated corrective decisions, and adjust resource allocations. Design teams benefit both by enhanced understanding of the degree of conformance of a design to user and customer needs, and by improved communications and coordination among all stakeholders of the process. Our T&PDP design approach includes elements such as:

  • Phase-Gate Processes
  • Gate Reviews together with peer and design reviews.
  • Design Reviews & Peer Reviews
  • T&PDP Simulation
  • T&PDP-DFSS Integration
  • T&PDP Lean Application Studies

These components can be deployed altogether or individually to fit your organization needs. Our consultants will work with you to customize a service program that exceed your expectations.

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