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Test Methods Development

Our test methods development approach provide the tools and techniques to shorten the development process cycle time and resources required for verification and validation testing. Test method development provide comprehensive process which will give your organization a sound fundamental understanding of the strategies, statistical and scientific approaches available for developing and validating an effective design verification and validation test method of your product portfolio.

Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSPI) is uniquely capable of deploying a test method development program fully across your product development processes. To do so, we train employees at every level of the development organization. We create a system of accountability. We partner with you to ensure the ultimate success of implementing this powerful design approach to the verification and validation of the output of your development process.

SSPI consultants work on any spectrum of customized training schedules can be developed on a case by case basis with clients. Here are some options:

  • Introduction to Test Methods Development
  • Test Methods Development Training
  • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) with Test Method Development
  • Sequential Test Methods Workshops
    • Workshop No. 1
    • Workshop No. 2
    • Workshop No. 3
    • Workshop No. 4

To know more, contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.