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Leading the Future in Product Development

Design for Six Sigma for Research and Development (R&D)

At SSPI, the phrase Research and Development has a special significance apart from its conventional coupling of scientific research and technological development. If your R&D center can produce technologies that are robust and at high quality upfront, then you will shorten time to market, reduce cost by avoiding design-test-fix cycle, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while guarding your ROI.

SSPI's Design For Six Sigma for R&D is your means to achieve all of these benefits. As businesses increasingly embrace innovation, particularly in technology, we have been working at integrating Design For Six Sigma methodologies with R & D processes. Our DFSS for R&D consulting, deployment and training curriculum are designed with customization in mind to synchronize with your technology development processes.

SSPI DFSS for R&D Consulting & Deployment Offerings

  • Developing a wide-scale DFSS for R&D deployment plan that complements your lab (center) development processes
  • Coaching and mentoring for core technology teams and task force (belts) on the project level
  • Integrate DFSS for R&D into your core technology development processes
  • Defining DFSS for R&D deployment effectiveness metrics
  • Analyzing technological concepts
  • Improve the quality and reliability of core technologies

SSPI DFSS for R&D Training Offerings

  • Executive DFSS for R&D Overview
  • DFSS for R&D Executive Planning
  • DFSS for R&D Professionals Training

To know more, contact us @: or (734) 765-5229.